Saturday, July 21, 2012

Local camping!

Maybe this is your little ones' first camping trip, maybe you're not a seasoned camper.  Don't worry, there are local camping spots that make the trip a bit easier.

One place is Rancho Jurupa Park in Riverside.  This is easy camping for those that want the experience, but not into roughing it.  Rancho Jurupa has a nicely maintained campground with many amenities and close to town.  And since it's only 50 miles away, you can pack up in the morning and make the 2pm check in.

Rancho Jurupa allows tent camping, trailers, and RVs.  There is electricity and water located at each site.  Be sure to get a spot with a tree.  The online reservation system has photos for each site to make it easy.  BTW, we like site 40.

The campground has a water play area for the kids and a fishing lake.  The small store is open at 7am if you want to take an early morning walk for a cup of coffee.  The bathrooms and showers are clean and not very busy since half the campers have RVs.

And when you're ready to come home, it's only an hour to your doorstep and you have plenty of daylight to unpack.

Rancho Jurupa Park is located one mile west of downtown Riverside, near the junction of the 60 & 91 fwys.

For more information, go to Rancho Jurupa Park.