Saturday, January 10, 2009

Waldorf 2009 Kindergarten

Maple Village School
4017 E. 6th St.
Long Beach

From the Maple Village School Board:

We are currently working on our Kindergarten opening for September. It would be helpful for us to know who is interested in registering.
Enrolled families and those on our wait list will have priority registration. Please feel free to mail this e-mail to friends or anyone you know who might want to get on the waiting list.

Also, it would be helpful for us to know what you predict your needs/kindergarten desires will be in September 2009.
Are you interested in a 3-day kindergarten (ages 3 yrs. 9 mo. - 4yrs. 9 mo.) or a 5-day kindergarten (ages 4yrs. 9 mo - and above)? (Approximate hours for each morning class would be 4 1/2)
If you can take a minute to write to us we would be grateful!

For more info:


  1. It is wonderful that a new Waldorf School is beginning in the Long Beach area. All my best wishes to you in your strivings to bring this education to the children who need it at this time. May you attract families with the initiative needed for such a pioneering effort, and the courage to perserver!
    Warmly, Lisa B.J. in LA

  2. We would love to have our daughter attend Waldorf for the fall. She'll be five on May 29th. Her brother will be 2 in June and our new baby is due in August. If our daughter attends the school, the siblings will follow!