Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Download free movies/TV shows - LB Public Library

Long Beach Public Library has just launched a new digital video download service! Check out the cooking shows, documentaries, travel series, Hollywood movies and classic television shows available for free through the MyLibraryDV service. All you need is a personal computer and your library card.

Enjoy more than 900 video programs including classic television shows such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Inspector Morse, The Saint, andThe Prisoner and Hollywood movies such as Ben-Hur, Casablanca, Doctor Zhivago, Network, North by Northwest, Pulp Fiction, and Sophie’s Choice. Or catch up on favorite television series like Antiques Roadshow, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, Globe Trekker and Rick Steves’ Europe.

As many as ten digital videos may be checked out at one time. Digital videos automatically check in after seven days, so there are no late fees. A small, initial software download is necessary to browse through and manage video downloads.


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