Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Long Beach Food Cooperation

This is a yahoo group created to put together a community food buying network. There are various drop points for each co-op and members who sign up are required to pick up from a location in LB. Currently, there are groups that buy produce from Tanaka Farms, bulk/organic/natural foods from Azure Standard, citrus boxes from Ramona, CA, and grass-fed beef from J&J Ranch. There are occasionally other offers for avocadoes or fruit from members' own trees.

There is no obligation in joining and the various groups are not headed by the same person. Members are encouraged to come up with ideas for other buying opportunities.

Join at

Tanaka Farms CSA
delivered on Mondays
seasonal vegetables and fruit
Contact: Beth G.

Azure Standard
drop is once a month
organic/bulk foods
Contact: Alexis

Citrus box
seasonal fruit from Ramona, CA
drop is every other week on Mondays
Contact: Jenny S.

J&J Ranch CSA
grass-fed beef
every other month
Contact: Carrie

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