Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What will you be doing for Halloween? I'm a bit lazy to go trick or treating. Not every house in our neighborhood gives out candy, so I feel like I'm walking forever to get a nice pile of loot...I mean for Rachel to get a nice pile of candy. :-) Luckily, Rachel loves giving out candy and seeing all the kids in their costumes.

In the past, we've loved going to Rancho Los Alamitos for their fall festival. It's a wonderful event for the kids and it's all free. You just have to park at CSULB. The crafts are more geared for preschoolers and older, but the toddlers look so cute in the costume parade.

This year, we will be checking out the Day of the Dead festivities in San Pedro. This is the second year they are doing it and last year they had 2000 ghouls come out for the fun. And it was raining last year! Kids' activities start at 3pm.

For more details on these events (and more), go to my husband's column on!

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