Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Logan's Candies - Ontario

I have heard folks raving about this candy cane making demo for ages, so I was determined to go this year.  We went with a homeschool field trip, but families can join a demo in November & December.  The calendar is at http://www.loganscandies.com/candydemos.php .

If you want to make an evening of it (and try to avoid the traffic) consider going to Vince's Spaghetti for dinner.  It is reasonably priced and can seat large parties with no problem. (Photo by Kohl Tabori)

The demo begins outside the store with the candy maker pouring the hot liquid candy onto marble.

Both colors of the candy cane start out the same, then color is added to the red part.

To make the white part, the candy is pulled over and over again.  It's amazing how it turns white when air is mixed in. (Photo by Kohl Tabori)

After the colors are arranged on the candy, the puller cuts off a small length to be bent into shape.

Freshly made candy canes!

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