Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Education Celebration!

Saturday, 24 January 2015
McBride School 7025 E Parkcrest Street near Los Coyotes Diag Carson St in LB
Education Celebration is the once a year event where you can view all the schools in Long Beach to make your School Of Choice decision. Sometimes people decide to live in a different neighborhood just to be in a school that better fits your child's needs. Each school has a booth where you can talk to people who already attend or teach at that school. 9:00 am to noon Saturday Jan 24 You should find out about the schools around you when your child is 3 years old so you can make decisions. And it's good to see what is available in Long Beach even if your child is much older. 562-997-8307 Please call with any questions.

And if you've ever wondered about homeschooling, contact Cindy Castro at hijola AT yahoo DOT com or go to http://www.lbhomeschooling.com

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