Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Workshops - El Dorado Nature Center

Monday, April 13 - Friday, April 17

El Dorado Nature Center
7550 E. Spring St.
Long Beach

Pre-registration is required

Join us for vacation fun at the Nature Center.
Morning sessions from 9:30-11:30am are for K-1st Grade students.
Afternoon sessions for 2nd-4th Grade students.

Monday, April 13: Potions, Lotions and Strange Plant Notions

Did you know there’s a hidden rainbow in flowers, or that certain leaves repel insects? Discover the mysterious world of plant and potions as we conduct experiments out on the trail.

Tuesday, April 14: Party at the Pond
The Nature Center pond is a happenin’ place, so come join the fun. All your friends will be there- turtles, frogs, fish and insects. Be ready to explore the world of the pond and see what all the buzz is about.

Wednesday, April 15: Butterfly Bonanza
Come experience the magical lifecycle of the butterfly. Reminisce about youthful days as a caterpillar, create your own wearable wings, and spend some time fluttering, floating and flying amongst the flowers.

Thursday, April 16: Yoga for Kids
Coyote pose, Rabbit pose, Tree pose-Movement and fun, stretching and strengthening. We’ll walk the trails looking for animals, listening to stories and having fun with animal and nature yoga poses.

Friday, April 17: Gone Fishing
Gather items in nature to make a pole and see what’s biting. Dip your net into the lake and see what critters you may discover. Observe birds and other animals’ unique way of catching fish.

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